The industrial panel PC used in automatic fare collection system


The industrial panel PC used in automatic fare collection system

Project Introduction

Nowadays, automatic fare collection system are widely used in subways, museums, exhibition halls and other occasions. gate machine as an important part of the automatic fare collection system, based on computer technology, information technology, automatic control technology and other technologies, it achieves high efficiency and speed in ticket inspection and entry, and it can also facilitate the statistics of passenger flow and financial statistics in various periods , And more importantly, in the era of big data, it can highlight the value of data. So the automatic fare collection system has been widely adopted and applied.

The automatic fare collection system is widely used in occasions that require channel control, such as tourist attractions, stations, terminals, exhibition halls, etc. It integrates modern high-tech such as computer technology, information technology, and automatic control technology. It overcomes the inherent shortcomings of manual ticket sales, such as slow speed, many financial loopholes, high error rate, and high manual intensity. It provides timely passenger flow and financial statements for various periods (accurate to the minute) and provides technical support for scientific management.

system requirement

Real-time communication function, the ticket gate needs to communicate with various ticket checking equipment in real time, and through the verification of the electronic code, the orderly, efficient and controllable entry and exit can be realized. Eliminates the loopholes of traditional manual ticket checking, and can also monitor the passenger flow in and out in real time· The ticket gate gate works in a special environment of high temperature and humidity, and the equipment needs to be able to adapt to the working environment of wide temperature and wide humidity


Application of turnstile

As a kind of passage management equipment, the most essential function of turnstiles is to achieve only one person passing at a time through blocking and releasing. Its application objects are pedestrians (including luggage and bicycles, etc.). The application occasions are entrances and exits, but as intelligent passage management As part of the system, the turnstile can be used in different special occasions with other systems to play a greater role.

At present, the most common systems supporting gates are access control systems and ticketing systems.

In the access control system, the earliest blocking method is the electronic control door, but the door cannot effectively realize that only one person can pass at a time, and due to the limitation of the structure and form, the use occasions are relatively limited; switching to the gate can solve these problems, especially in buildings or Enclosed entrances and exits in geographical areas is very suitable for using turnstiles as the blocking mechanism of the access control system. Such as smart buildings, government agencies, corporate parks, communities, factories, prisons, etc.